PinlockStore is the world’s leading provider for pin keepers. We provide quality pins that ensure that your pins stay in place and do not get lost easily. Pin collectors from all over the world know the difficulty of building a collection of pins from different sources. Losing a pin can be heart breaking especially when it’s a rare or memorable pin. From Olympic pins, sports pins, Disney pins to jewelry pins, collectors have anywhere from tens to thousands of pins. These pins mean a lot to the collectors and there are various popular sites where pin collectors, otherwise known as pinheads, socialize and trade. Pin Keepers can keep your pins in place and allow you to wear your pins outside, as they are quite sturdy and reliable.

The pin keepers we provide are of high quality and do not break easily. Moreover, we have made it a point to sell them at affordable prices, to further help enthusiasts. We provide pins of varying lengths to suit different materials. For example, our shorter pin locks are fine for usage on thick leather cuts or jackets but shirts and motorcycle vests can be paired with our new 7mm pin locks. We offer pin locks that just slip on the back of the pin and our longer pins are given with an Allen wrench that for fixing and tightening. We also provide pin backs with butterfly clasps – these are useful for lapel pins, ties, name tags and more.

For those that need extra sturdiness, we provide military grade pin locks that rival the best in the industry. Comfort for the user is another one of our top priorities, all of our pin backs are made in such a way that the backs do not poke the wearer. Our large selection gives users a lot of options in terms of type, color and quantity.

We aim to make purchases more convenient for our customers and thus accept payment through various online methods including PayPal. Along with this, we offer door-step delivery in certain areas and provide free shipping all over the world. Our existing customers have all had positive experiences when purchasing from us and many of them received their products earlier than expected. We are committed to serving our customers and have partnered with reliable shipping companies to serve them the best.

Started in 2016, PinlockStore is a young company but we have proven ourselves over and over again, as being reliable suppliers of the best pin locks. We have become one of the best known names in the industry and are continuously on the rise to newer heights. We always look at ways to make our customers’ lives easier and look to keep improving our pins as newer advances are made. A majority of our customers have vouched for us and our commitment to deliver high quality pin locks at great prices and quantities.

If you’re looking for pin locks that can stand the trials of time and keep your pins safe for a long time, look no further than the PinlockStore.

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