"As anyone knows who has relied upon, and been let down by 'pinch grip' pin clutches, it can get expensive. I ride and my vest is a living testament of the places I've been and things I've done. With these pin keepers I never have to be concerned about pins falling off along the highways. I am very pleased with my purchase and will attest to the good value of this item."

– Steve H.

"Never lost a pin since these! These are long enough to keep pins on thick leather cuts & jackets without having to worry about getting poked! I have yet to lose a pin with these on the back! I keep a stash in my cut and my leather for my fellow bikers if they need them!"

–Maryke Theuni

"Never lose your pins again. Use these pin keepers on all your favorite pins. I don't even think they'll come off while sky diving or motorcycling or jet skiing."

–Patricia Breneman

"Bought these for my pins that i collect at music festivals. Some of these pins are pretty valuable. To use the back just loosen the black part with the allen wrench until its able to slide on, then tighten as tight as you reasonably can, but there's no need to go max torque or you risk breaking the pin needle or the back itself. These worked perfect for me no problems at all!"

– Van ingersoll

"I am a law enforcement officer. I have to wear a name tag every day and got tired of losing my pin backs from constantly pulling my note pad out of my pocket and hitting them. I decided to try these. They are great! I have yet to knock them loose. They are a little more time consuming to put on and take off, but worth the effort. I highly recommend them!"

– Kimberly Gradine

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